About Me

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I have lived here in the valley most of my life.  I received my graduate degree from Idaho State University’s (in Boise) counseling program.  My experience has primarily been with women, as I did my internships at the women’s low-security prison and at the Women’s and Children’s Alliance in Boise. Working at both of these places gave me quite a bit of experience in therapeutic intervention during major life-changing events.  Along with big changes, typically comes stress, anxiety, addictive behaviors and at times, suicidal ideation.

After graduating, I became a mom to two beautiful boys and have been busy raising them and doing a website business on the side for extra income.  After some time, I went back to work as a counselor, working with Medicaid clients at an agency.  My work/life balance still did not work out for me, so I ended up leaving the agency and continued to focus on my family.  Now that my children are a little older, I am counseling again and have, in my opinion, much more life experience than when I started!